Gym Candy

Gym Candy by Carl Deuker

Mick Johnson’s life is all about football.  His dad, Mike, introduced Mick to the game when he was just a little boy.  Mike had been a football hero in his day and he wants Mick to follow in his footsteps, making big plays and big headlines.  And it could happen.  Mick is good, he has real talent and the work ethic and determination to make it happen.  Most importantly, playing football is fun and exhilarating for Mick.  He loves the game!  
In the spring of his eighth grade year, the high school coach invited Mick to come and go through spring training with the varsity team.  Mick is ecstatic!  After a rough first day, Mick works hard, improving daily and working his way up the depth charts.  The following fall, he makes the varsity team as a ninth grader and has a fantastic season!  But then comes spring training with a new coach and a new eighth grader who challenges Mick for his spot on the team.  Mick knows he has to work hard training all summer to keep his spot on the team.  His dad arranges for him to go to a private gym and work out with a personal trainer who offers to give Mick some “extra” help.  But will this “extra” help really work?  How far is Mick willing to go to keep his spot on the team?  Will it be worth the cost?
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