The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

 Macy’s father died a couple of years ago and since then she has worked to live as perfectly as possible to keep everything in her life from falling apart.  She has buried all of her feelings and tried to live up to her mother’s expectations: being a good student, having the perfect, smart boyfriend and following all of the rules.  In Macy’s mind, living perfectly means that everything is safe.  Now summer is about to begin and it looks like everything will go as planned.  Macy’s boyfriend, Jason, is going away to ‘Brain Camp’, which is just a summer camp for smart, high achieving kids, and Macy is staying home.  She is going to spend the summer filling in for Jason at his job at the library and studying for the SAT. 

But then some unexpected things happen.  Macy is offered a new opportunity to work for Wish, a little catering business that needs the extra help.  She makes some interesting new friends and slowly begins to see what she is missing by living perfectly.  Then Macy’s sistser starts visiting and sharing her plans to remodel the family beach house, which hasn’t been visited since their father died.  Both of these things challenge Macy’s perfectly constructed safe life and makes her reconsider the choices she has made since her dad’s death.  Will Macy step out and live life or will she stifle her new thoughts and feelings and continue to live perfectly?

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The Mother-Daughter Book Club

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The Mother-Daughter Book Club by Heather Vogel Frederick

What would you do if your mother signed you up for a mother-daughter book club with three other sixth grade girls and their moms?  Four girls are about to find out!  They know each other, but it isn’t like they are all best friends.  They are too different for that!  After all, the group is made up of a jock, a writer, a farm girl and a rich girl.  And their moms include the town librarian, a super model, a tree-hugger, and an absent actress.  Now they have to read Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and meet every month to discuss the book.  Can they survive the book club?  Or will it disintegrate?  Join four girls and their moms in a year long journey that could bring them closer…or not! 

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